Are people asking you what you want for Christmas and you really don’t know what to tell them?  Are you stumped as to what to get for someone who has everything? Ask for a Chicken!  Mother Germaine and the Sisters of Providence (aka Sisters of the Congo) have NO CHICKENS.  With your donation for coops and chickens they’ll be able to feed healthy protein-rich eggs to their nearly 90 children throughout the year!  It’s just $4 a hen, or consider purchasing a nesting box ($30) or a coop ($225).  We can even put your name on the coop for you!

Either send a check made out to Lee with “Chickens” written in the memo (see instructions on the donate page), or contact me for more information. or Barbara Jenkins Glesener  We hope to have enough money to surprise them by December first so they can have the coops made and chickens purchased by Christmas.  Photos will be posted.