Through a few gracious donors, we were able to provide funds  to build a fence for safety reasons.  As you recall, the orphanage is seated direcly between a bar and a very loud church.  In the back are private homes (you see one in the photo).  Unfortunately, many of the supplies were stolen, and therefore the wall is not yet complete.  The privacy and safety that the children and Sisters need has not been accomplished. The two people in the background are on the orphanage side, with a private home on the other.  You can see that the fence foundation has been laid.  The bricks and mortar to complete the fence have been stolen.

Mother needs an additional $1460 for supplies and labor to complete the fence.  Please consider if you are able to provide for some of this need.  We are hoping to have it completed in the next few months.  For more detailed updates, please visit “Sisters of the Congo” on facebook, or contact us at

Many blessings, Barbara, Lee and Whitney.