About the Sisters of Providence


SIsters of Providence Congo Sisters of Providence

The Sisters of Our Lady of Providence was founded to care for orphans and abandoned women in greatest need.  They strive to share the road to Emmaus with Jesus, learning His Word and teaching the true meaning of Christian love in action as Jesus taught it.  Founded by Sr Marta Ilunga in 2003 under the direction and blessing of Monsignor Kasanda Leonard, it now has grown to more than twenty vowed sisters and another twenty-four novates, postulants and aspirants.

Sisters of Providence Congo

In addition to caring for nearly ninety children in six locations throughout the Congo, the sisters also teach and assist in the medical center to earn extra funds to run the orphanage.  Unfortunately, there is never enough money, so they also beg as needed to family and community members to make ends meet.  Every donation, whether it is yuca fruit from a neighbor or a monetary donation from someone across the globe is accepted with great gratitude.

Spirituality is a large part of their daily life, and the children participate in prayers and devotions as much as they are able.  The sisters take formation and devotion seriously.  As St. Padre Pio stated “Pray, Hope and don’t worry!”.

Sisters of the Congo Orphanage

“With God’s grace and the intercession of Our Lady of Providence will be able to help all the children and abandoned women that the Lord sends our way”.  Mother Germaine Muese