Christmas in the Congo is a joyous time, and because of Your Combined Donations, it was so for our Sisters and Orphans as well.  

      At the beginning of December the excitement started.  With your “Christmas Funds” donations, yards and yards of fabric were purchased so that the Sisters and the older girls were able to sew new clothing for the children in time for Christmas Mass.  In the Congo presents are rare and not expected, so a new outfit is a joy.

  The Sisters and the girls worked diligently every day, sewing new outfits for each of the children.  Attending Mass with a new outfit in the same fabric as your brothers and sisters connects you to them and is a sign of family.  You will see many unique fabrics from different families and groups (as well as school uniforms), which are definitely more special than the typically worn western donated garb.

 Mother Germaine and the children thank you from the bottoms of their hearts for a joyous Christmas.  You can ask any of the children what their favorite part of Christmas was and they will all tell you the same thing – “Jesus was born!”.  The true meaning of Christmas is alive and well in the hearts of our children.  With your donations and support, they were able to celebrate HIS Birthday is style, and with an added spirit of joy.


You are appreciated so much more than you know.  We are so tiny an organization, but with the little we are given, Mother Germaine, through Gods grace, helps so much!