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Happy Updates

The Sisters of Our Lady of Providence, aka “Sisters of the Congo” are thankful for all the blessings you have bestowed on them over the last year.  Here is an update on some of the fruits of your gifts.




Sister Francine is in her final weeks of nursing school.  She will soon be able to take care of minor sicknesses or injuries that the children may get. We are working on getting her the funds to have a little supply closet for basic care items for the children and the Sisters.

Water! Because of small donors and a generous donation from St. Thomas More, the children will no longer have to walk a mile every day just to procure water from a dirty stream. What a blessing!

Sr. Dominique is in school to learn how to be a professional tailor, so that the she can teach the girls how to sew.

Sister needs help with the fence!

Through a few gracious donors, we were able to provide funds  to build a fence for safety reasons.  As you recall, the orphanage is seated direcly between a bar and a very loud church.  In the back are private homes (you see one in the photo).  Unfortunately, many of the supplies were stolen, and therefore the wall is not yet complete.  The privacy and safety that the children and Sisters need has not been accomplished. The two people in the background are on the orphanage side, with a private home on the other.  You can see that the fence foundation has been laid.  The bricks and mortar to complete the fence have been stolen.

Mother needs an additional $1460 for supplies and labor to complete the fence.  Please consider if you are able to provide for some of this need.  We are hoping to have it completed in the next few months.  For more detailed updates, please visit “Sisters of the Congo” on facebook, or contact us at SistersoftheCongo@gmail.com

Many blessings, Barbara, Lee and Whitney.

Urgent Safety Need for the Orphanage

Last week a wind storm blew down the already delapidated fence at the orphanage.  The first photo shows the poor state of the fencing prior to the wind, and the others show it now.  The orphanage is sandwiched  between a very loud church and a bar.  Just days after the storm, someone stole all of the nun’s clothing, which was hanging on the line to dry.  We are concerned about the children’s safety.  Kidnappings occur in DRC frequently and child labor is common.  The children can no longer go outside safely to play.   

Mother Germaine received a quote for a concrete fence instalation with gate (because there is open flame cooking, high winds and no real fire department, fires are common so wood fences are not safe for long term use).  We are in need of donors to help us pay for the near $18,000. project.  Since our daily donations go to food, medication and education only, we have no funds for this.  We are hoping that YOU or someone you know can help us out.  We are looking for small donations which can be combined to pay for the gate, as well as a large donation to pay for the fence.  Please pray about this very real and urgent need.  EVERY PENNY donated will go directly to the project.  We are 100% volunteer.  God bless you.           


Thank You for a Wonderfilled Christmas!

Christmas in the Congo is a joyous time, and because of Your Combined Donations, it was so for our Sisters and Orphans as well.  

      At the beginning of December the excitement started.  With your “Christmas Funds” donations, yards and yards of fabric were purchased so that the Sisters and the older girls were able to sew new clothing for the children in time for Christmas Mass.  In the Congo presents are rare and not expected, so a new outfit is a joy.

  The Sisters and the girls worked diligently every day, sewing new outfits for each of the children.  Attending Mass with a new outfit in the same fabric as your brothers and sisters connects you to them and is a sign of family.  You will see many unique fabrics from different families and groups (as well as school uniforms), which are definitely more special than the typically worn western donated garb.

 Mother Germaine and the children thank you from the bottoms of their hearts for a joyous Christmas.  You can ask any of the children what their favorite part of Christmas was and they will all tell you the same thing – “Jesus was born!”.  The true meaning of Christmas is alive and well in the hearts of our children.  With your donations and support, they were able to celebrate HIS Birthday is style, and with an added spirit of joy.


You are appreciated so much more than you know.  We are so tiny an organization, but with the little we are given, Mother Germaine, through Gods grace, helps so much!

Triphene is better!

A generous doctor from India performed surgery last month. Triphene is doing well.

Thank you to the donor and doctor who helped this young lady to see, breathe and eat normally again.  Through the hands of His faithful, God is glorified.  Your prayers worked. Thanks be to God!

Triphene needs our Help

Can you help find a doctor for her?

Meet 22 year old Triphene.  A few years ago she had what she thought was a pimple on her nose.  As it grew she sought help from the local tribal doctors to no avail.  Her mother left her, saying Triphene must be an evil witch.  She was kicked out of school and cannot get a job due to the tumor.  We are looking for donated medical help here i the USA.  If you know of anyone who may know of anyone, please consider telling them about this young child of God.  We are also taking donations for airfare to get her here.  Room and Board have already been donated.

God will provide, but he asks us to do our part.

Blessings all, Barbara

Mother Germaine says Thank You!

Mother Germaine has looked back on the past year and a half of doantions that you have blessed the orphanage with.  First, the children were without a roof over their heads heading into the rainy season due to monsoon winds.  With your donations, a new roof was provided within weeks.  Then Mother was able to build a chicken coop and buy chickens to provide eggs for the children.  Before this gift, the children were lucky to have eggs 4 times a year.  You provided the funds to send Dorkas and Sarah to the United States for donated medical care.  Sarah’s life and Dorkas’ arm was saved.  Food, medications, and now pigs have given the Sisters renewed hope in providing a loving and healthy life for almost 100 children.  Thank you and Thank you again.  But there is more that needs to be done…

We are hoping to provide a new location for the orphanage in a safe part of town, including a school for boys, a school for girls, a small clinic and a chapel.  If you feel that God is calling you to help us in this endeavor, please contact us.  We are a small little group with much experience but not enough funds to provide this gift.  And always, we need funds of any amount to help up provide fresh fruits, vegetables and mild for the children monthly.  May God bless you always.  Mother Germaine and the Board of the Sisters of the Congo.

One of our Nuns will be trained as a Nurse!

We are so thankful to St. Thomas More Catholic Church for donating the funds needed to send one of our nuns to school to become a nurse!  With almost 100 children in the care of more than 30 nuns at the orphanage, you can imagine the need for someone trained in basic medical care. Mother Germaine and the sisters have no car or mode of transportation, so if a child is sick they must hop on the back of a truck and take the hour long trip to the closest clinic.  It ends up being almost a full day to be cared for a fever or other illness.  After training, Sister will be able to monitor the children and provide over the counter medication as needed (remember most people there cannot read, so giving Tylenol, Ibuprofen or other medication can be precarious).


Our African Family keeps on Growing!

We recently welcomed 2 new members to our family.

Here is the message sent with the photos by Mother Germaine :  Here are our two new children.  They were chased away from their village after the death of their parents and  treated as witches (often if a parent dies the children are blamed as evil witches). They were at the market when I passed by today. They saw me and asked to come with me. I will get more information from them later.  Today, a bath, food and rest.

God has blessed us!

See what God has done with YOUR help!  Last year at this time, Sarah was dieing slowly from malnutrition.  She had lost the use of her right arm and leg, so she was considered evil and not allowed to go to school. Congo Orphanage Prior to coming to our orphanage she had been living alone on the streets. She had been denied entrance into other orphanages due to her medical issues. She would vomit her food almost daily and no one knew why.  Sarah was starving and had no family, no food and no hope. 

THIS is a photo of Sarah yesterday, after her first ever day of school!  She is now in Colorado with a wonderful family and is receiving top medical care from dedicated doctors and nurses.  Our initial goal was that Sarah would bee treated so that she wouldn’t be sick every day of her life.  Little did we know that God’s plans were much grander.  Not only does Sarah eat without pain now, she has a true future.  A Cinderella story if there ever was one.  Mother Germaine and her sisters in Africa receive no government, church or grant funding. This was all done by you, our donors, who give every little bit you can, knowing that every penny you send to us is used for Mother and the children.  Next we will highlight the story of Dorkas, another beautiful girl whos life was changed this summer because of you.  Thank you thank you thank you!  You truly saved Sarah’s life.  Be filled with joy.  You do make a difference!