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Help Mother Germaine and two orphans get to the USA

Two of the orphans are in need of medical care.  Okako has a bone infection that must be treated within the bone or her arm will be amputated. Sarah has a GI problem which is preventing her from keeping food down and keeps her in constant pain and hunger. Both girls have been treated multiple times in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, however the extent of their illnesses surpases the capasity for treatment there.  Multiple Colorado doctors have donated services when the girls get here, and Littleton Hospital has offered to cover all in-patient expenses.  We just need USA VISA’s for them.  Okako

The orphans have already been denied US VISA’s  and are scheduled to go to the US embassy again.  We need your prayers on July 15th that they are given the VISA’s they so greatly need! 

To the left is a recent photo of Okako and the arm that is in danger of being amputated if the bone infection is not treated.  Below are photo’s of Sarah.  The photo of her healthy was two weeks ago.  This week we were sent the photo of her sick, unable to eat.

Pray, hope and don’t worry”, Saint Padre Pio said it best.   We hope to bombard heaven with prayers, for the benefit of the girls and God’s great glory.  Please add to your calendar July 15 – pray for Sarah and Okako.  We will let you all know how it goes.  God’s Will be done.

Many blessings and thank you so much!  

The Family is growing!

Meet little Stephie.

Stephie’s mother died in childbirth a few days ago. In this part of Africa if a mother dies during or soon after giving birth, that child is considered evil or a witch.  Therefore, Little Stephie was going to be killed or thrown away, but the Sister’s of Our Mother of Providence were able to save her from a local village. God bless everyone.  She is open for spiritual adoption… Also, for a donation, you may be able to name one of the next children God grants to us. Blessings all!

We have EGGS!

We hope you enjoy seeing the first eggs from the chickens that you purchased!

The coop has been stocked with 10 chickens to start, and if they remain healthy we will build 2 more coops in the two other locations that Mother has children.  That way every child will enjoy a weekly

“Scrammbled Egg Fest!”

Does Your donation count?

While Mother Germaine and the Sisters do all that they can to garner enough food for their 90+ children every day, it is only through your donations that they are able to purchase the nutritious upgrades needed for the growing children.

As you can see it is a special day when your monthly donation comes.  See how happy these children are to receive a fresh piece of fruit once a month as a special treat!

IT IS ONLY with YOUR SUPPORT that the children receive whole milk, fresh vegetables and protein.  Remember,  there is no corporate, government or church support.  It’s just us!  Your smallest donation (we take large ones too 🙂 are much appreciated.  Bon Appetite!

From Mother with Love and Gratitude.


Mother Germaine sends her love to all.  The chicken coop is almost complete and she will send photos when it is done. Fresh eggs will be enjoyed in no time!

Mother says the children and sisters are all healthy, except there is one child who needs medical care to save her arm. It was broken a few years ago and now she has a bone infection.  We hope to get her care here in the US if possible because one of our orphans in Ghana had the same issue and  lost her foot. If you know of someone in the Denver area who would donate medical care God would bless you for your help.  We have airfare and a place for Mother and her to stay.  Sleep on it, and with God’s grace and your help wondrous things can happen.

Other than that Mother says she is blessed to have all of you.  Just six months ago she was trying to feed her 130 children and sisters every day on local food donations and less than $400 a month (and she has 5 infants needing formula).  Now, with your donations, the children enjoy milk, fresh vegetables and fruit (and formula) every week, which was on the children’s plates less than a couple times a month previously.

Remember, every penny you donate goes directly to Mother.  Not a penny is spent on anything else.  May God bless you all, and please pray for the little girl with the infected bone.

Barbara Glesener


The Hen House is being Built!

The Hen house and chicken coop that YOU donated to is finally being built! 

Mother had to go through multiple contractors to find one that she trusted, and then plans were devised and adjusted to suit the land that they had available.  But now things are being built.  There will be room for 16 hens, although they’ll start with fewer to be sure the hens are healthy.  We’ll show you updated photos as we receive them.  Very soon Mother’s 90 children will be enjoying fresh eggs (each hen should lay 5 eggs a week).  Currently the children may enjoy fresh eggs only once or twice a year. Mother is so happy.  She sends her love and gratitude.

Merry Christmas from the Sisters of the Congo!

Because of your generous donations the children at the orphanage have had a very Merry Christmas.  While the chicken coop is in the works, additional funds from you provided enough for Mother Germaine to purchase material to make new clothes and to purchase shoes for the children (see them showing them off below)!  This is a very special as the children rarely get new clothing and most of them did not own shoes. They also had a Christmas feast which included goat, chicken and orange soda.  In the DRC, the children usually get a bottle of soda only once a year, sometimes twice. We are so spoiled here.  Mother sends her love.  It’s good to see her smile

I’ll add more photos and news in a bit, but know that every penny you donated went to the children.  God bless you and yours these 12 days of Christmas and beyond!    Barbara Glesener

Triplet Update from Mother Germaine

Thank you all for your prayers.  The now month old triplets are doing well after a bout of fever in their second week.  They are deeply loved, whereas if Mother had not been there for them, they would have been killed.

Leo has blue pants on; Levi has blue top on; Lucy is in the orange.  Thank you for your donations which went to purchasing formula and other supplies for the infants (see photo below).  Let us know if you have further questions, and may God bless you and your family this Christmas!

One Week Left to donate for Chickens!

Even the smallest Donations will Help

We have ONE WEEK REMAINING to donate to purchase chickens as a Christmas gift for this needy orphanage!. 

Eggs or meat even once a month is a rarity and special treat for the sisters and their ninety orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Remember that they receive no grant, government or church funding, so your donation really makes a difference. Your donation is not one of thousands but one of only a few they will receive this month.  Please offer what you can.  You will see the benefit in the photos on this blog. We are a home spun support group.  No, your donation won’t benefit you as a tax write-off, but every penny will go to supplying chickens and other nutritious food for months to come.  Go to the donations page to see how to help.  God bless you, and thank you.