Last week a wind storm blew down the already delapidated fence at the orphanage.  The first photo shows the poor state of the fencing prior to the wind, and the others show it now.  The orphanage is sandwiched  between a very loud church and a bar.  Just days after the storm, someone stole all of the nun’s clothing, which was hanging on the line to dry.  We are concerned about the children’s safety.  Kidnappings occur in DRC frequently and child labor is common.  The children can no longer go outside safely to play.   

Mother Germaine received a quote for a concrete fence instalation with gate (because there is open flame cooking, high winds and no real fire department, fires are common so wood fences are not safe for long term use).  We are in need of donors to help us pay for the near $18,000. project.  Since our daily donations go to food, medication and education only, we have no funds for this.  We are hoping that YOU or someone you know can help us out.  We are looking for small donations which can be combined to pay for the gate, as well as a large donation to pay for the fence.  Please pray about this very real and urgent need.  EVERY PENNY donated will go directly to the project.  We are 100% volunteer.  God bless you.