About the Orphanage


“We are called to announce the good news of the Kingdom of God to the poor and abandoned, and to help them discover Christ in our sharing of faith, hope and love.”
Foundress Mother Marta Ilunga

Sisters of the Congo Orphanage  Congo Orphanage

The Democratic Republic of Congo is struggling with interior fighting and corruption which has left many of its citizens without food, medication and education.  Consequently, children are often abandoned, sometimes found in toilets and the trash.  The Sisters rescue these children and give them what they need physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Some children are able to return to their families, some have been adopted, and all are loved for who they are – children of God. Each created in His own likeness, and deserving of dignity. 

The needs of the children are extensive. Not only is nutrition a concern, but providing basic clothing and medical care can be a struggle.  The orphanage receives no outside funds from the government, churches or grants.  To learn more about the current urgent needs of the children “click here”.